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Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, 2 in 1 Air Purifier + Dehumidifier. HEPA 13 Filter

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Q10 - 2 in 1 Air Purifier + Dehumidifier
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Remode Hub Q10 - SmartApp Control

Air Purifiers - help remove viruses, allergens, aerosols and pollutants in your home, instantly delivering cleaner, healthier air to your family.

HEPA 13 Medical Filter 

Dehumidifier - 700ml/Day, Tank capacity 1L
Auto off when the tank is full. Removable water tank, easy to clean.

This compact yet powerful 2 in 1 dehumidifier and air purifier combo is your indoor air quality superhero! It removes up to moisture from the air to eliminate musty smells and reduce allergens. Provide you with clean, crisp air. No more stuffy, humid rooms or allergy symptoms - just fresh, purified air anytime you need it! 😃😃