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FB Live with Jayner & KeLe

FB Live with Jayner & KeLe

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特别感谢Jayner和Kele介绍我们的AIRVOLUTION - 高级自动化晾衣系统。
配备先进功能,包括等离子离子技术 - 有助于净化空气,中和有害污染物和过敏源,有效消除异味,提供更清新宜人的氛围。




We extend special appreciation to Jayner and Kele for introducing our AIRVOLUTION - Premium Automated Laundry System

Airvolution establishes a new standard, boasting the market's most potent wind power to accelerate laundry drying by 80-90%. 

Its unparalleled wind strength, coupled with an expansive coverage area, outperforms any other available system.

The adjustable air vent adds a personalized touch, ensuring optimal drying for various fabrics. 

Packed with advanced features, including plasma ion technology - it helps in purifying the air by neutralizing harmful pollutants and allergens. Effectively eliminate odors, providing a fresher and more pleasant atmosphere

anti-dust mite functions,it goes beyond conventional laundry care, providing a hygienic and thorough cleaning experience. 

What truly sets it apart is the inclusion of a mobile app, granting users full control over schedules, timers, and even the heater from anywhere, offering unparalleled convenience for those with dynamic lifestyles. 

This premium system not only prioritizes powerful performance but also revolutionizes laundry management with its technological prowess.

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