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21-27 Dec 2023 Road Show at YewTee Point!

21-27 Dec 2023 Road Show at YewTee Point!
Visit Us, 21-27 Dec 2023 Road Show at YewTee Point!
Join us for an exclusive opportunity to delve into Singapore's #1 Top-Selling Automated Laundry System.
Don't miss out on amazing offers, including a special Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal on air purifiers.
Welcome to the Revolution in Laundry Systems with Singapore's Finest!
Introducing our Premier Automated Laundry System for Singapore homes.
As the leading automated laundry system in Singapore, we're committed to enhancing your laundry process with cutting-edge technology, setting a new benchmark for your home's cleanliness and efficiency.
Experience Airvolution, a groundbreaking solution designed with a focus on ultimate performance and adjustable air vents. More than just a stylish addition to your home, Airvolution excels in functionality.
Featuring plasma ion technology, it purifies the air in your laundry space, effectively removing germs and bacteria.
Moreover, it includes ultrasonic waves to eliminate bed bugs, a prevalent allergen trigger.
With the user-friendly app, manage your Airvolution effortlessly from any location.

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