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Mini Dehumidifier Top C - Rechargeable Quick Drying Moisture Absorber

S$ 29.90

This compact dehumidifier works quietly to remove excess moisture from small spaces.
Its sleek, cordless design means it's easy to move from room to room, absorbing moisture to optimize humidity levels and improve your indoor air quality.
Forget about emptying tanks—its built-in drying technology evaporates the water for you. Keep your home feeling fresh and prevent musty smells in an energy-efficient, eco-friendly way.
This little dehumidifier packs a big punch!

Suitable for :
- Storeroom
- Drawer
- Book Shelf
- Wardrobe 
- Shoe Cabinet 

Voltage (v) AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Power                           45w

Net weight (kg)             0.78

Working Capacity          Up to 65ml/cycle

Reusable rate                more than 300 times