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Warranty Information for Automated Laundry System (RH/SG Models)

Please Take Note

Please first check whether the power supply to the Automated Laundry Rack is properly connected before calling for repair service.

When requesting for service or repair, please furnish the following information:

a)            Full name and address

b)            Telephone number and Invoice number

c)            A video or/ and photos of symptom or the fault of the Automated Laundry Rack
 This warranty is applicable to:
 Automated Laundry System purchased from REMODE HUB SG and its authorized dealers within Singapore.
 This warranty covers 5 years on the Motor and 2 years on the following Parts

1. LED panel light/ Cove light

2. UV bulbs

3. Fan blowers/Heaters

4. Ionizer

This warranty DOES NOT cover those parts subject to wear and tear and will be void if:

1. The damage is directly or indirectly caused by household pests infestation

2. Abnormal voltage

3. Any convulsion of nature or failure to follow operational instructions.

4. Products damaged due to tampering, alteration, or repair by an unauthorized person, misuse, negligence, or operation of the product contrary to the instructions in the products manual.

This warranty DOES NOT cover Labour and Transport costs. The cost of evaluation, transport, and labour, if any shall be borne by you

This warranty does NOT extend to external/internal appearances, remote control, buttons, poles, and external parts.
 Claim for repair /service effected elsewhere will not be entertained.
 REMODE HUB SG reserves all rights to change the terms and conditions of the warranty without prior notification.
 REMODE HUB SG should not be liable for any liabilities and/or injuries arising from or incidental to the installation of REMODE HUB products.